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Sunday, 10 October 2010


Saul Steinberg (1914-1999)
Born in 1915, Steinberg illustrations were exposed internationally having been published in a numbers of magazines. He liked collecting comics because of the layout like the words coming out of people’s mouths, substituting lines, shapes, patterns and visual symbols for words, and giving us a graphic impression of speech and expression. As well as that he understood New York. This cover was my personal best out of all the covers in ‘The New Yorker’ magazine. The ‘View of the World from 9th Avenue’ is a classic example of Steinberg’s wit and humour, the picture was very popular to the audience and they felt it was an excellent critique of the New York City attitude. Steinberg used ink, pencil, coloured pencil, and watercolour to create this cover. Saul Steinberg was greatly influential in the evolution of cartoons into a mature and acceptable art form. His work inspired that of many other famous cartoonists, such as ‘Art Spiegelman’ and ‘Bill Watterson’.   

‘View of the World from 9th Avenue’
Cover of ‘The New Yorker’ (March 29-1976).

Jon Burgerman
Jon Burgerman is a British graphic designer. He has done a lot of work like creating doodles, drawings, art, sketching on a variety of different mediums such as on posters, stickers, toys, books, all forms of paper, wood, cardboards, bags, T shirts. I personally like the cover he designed for ‘Computer Arts’ magazine (below).
Jon Burgerman artwork is very lively and colourful with his characters, he positions them in forms that are crammed on top of each until they fill the page with an effect that creates a mass of energy. Burgerman has pushed the character obsession of the late 90s into a more interesting and strong direction.

Jon Burgerman made a very good reputation through his unique and bold artworks of doodles, intertwining lines and interesting characters. Working across a variety of mediums that include drawing, painting, print, animation, toy design. His art always retains a handmade and hand drawn quality. His process of working is drawing, scanning and then enhance the illustration in Adobe Photoshop.

To conclude I would like to say how each illustrator has uniquely inspired me. I like the idea of how Jon Burgerman turns a simple doodle to a work of art. I also like how Saul Steinberg his style and the ‘View of the World from 9th Avenue’ illustration he done.

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