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Sunday, 24 October 2010

ITAP - Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is used in page design to help the audience process information. The hierarchy can be used in several dimensions, such as colour, texture, shape, contrast, position and size. Above is the Elle magazine 2009 cover. The first thing I look at, is immediately the dress she wearing because it’s the only part of the cover that has vivid colour. The reason why the yellow stands out is because everything else is a grey at the background, however I did think that both colour complement each other.  
The second visual hierarchy that catches my eye is the typography. The title comes across clear against the white background. The third thing I notice is the body position of the women because she spread her arms to fill the page. The image of Victoria Beckham is in colour and not in monochrome like most of the typography presented in the cover. I have noticed a pattern occurring when viewing this cover again. It seem that the designer wanted the viewers to first look at the yellow in her dress (it attracts the eye because it's one of the primary colours.) then her body which is also colour, then face and finally leading to the title of the magazine.

When coming across this flyer today, I found a lot of things that could be improved upon. However it did catch my eye due to vibrate magenta background. There are many problems to this flyer but I’ll just pick out the top 3 I found:  
1.   Fonts- There is a variety of fonts expressed on this page. For example the title of the event doesn’t seem to fit with the theme at all. The two colours pink and orange clash together than gel, unlike the yellow and grey which complemented each other in the other image.

2.   Background- The flyer background colour would instantly attract the eye. Because of how ‘in your face’ it looks and the brightness as well. To add to the background the designer decided to add little stars.

3.   Images- There are two images in the flyer, one is the models and two the buildings. The building looks that it had been Photoshoped to enhance the contrast, to appear bolder against the models. There are 3 models, because you tend to remember things more when presented in 3’s. The models in the flyer were positioned as one in front and two at back.

Written by Kawsar Ahmed
Pictures from ‘Google Images’

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