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Sunday, 7 November 2010

ITAP; Development of Ideas and Structure in Moving Image

Analysing the structure of Twilight movie

This week I will be discussing about story development in a three act structure, and I would be expressing these key points why watching the movie ‘Twilight’. I will also show how ‘The Sarah Jane Adventure’ (TV series) extended the platform to engage audience.
Principe 1; Story Development

‘Twilight’ is a vampire movie originally based upon the famous book series by author Stephanie Meyer. This is the first movie of the Twilight Saga. So this movie is split into 3 sections Beginning; Middle; End.
The movie is told by Bella point of view. The beginning (30 minutes) of the movie, she moves to ‘Forks’ a small town in Washington DC to live with her father ‘Charlie’. She gets used to her new surroundings, and starts high school. Bella meets Edward Cullen in biology class and she starts noticing little odd habits. Then later Edward saves Bella’s life from a car accident and it’s from here that she becomes drawn to him. And questions Edward on how he came so fast to her from a length of space.  

Then a series of events happen to Bella which ends up of Edward saving her again and their relationship progresses.
The Middle of the movie is mostly about Bella & Edward and James (a nomadic vampire). It starts off by Edward inviting Bella to go play baseball with his family. This is when they meet ‘The Nomadic Vampire’ who killed Charlie good friend. The three members of this group are Laurent (who seems to be the leader), Victoria (James girlfriend) and James (a tracker- who harms Bella). The Cullen family plans to kill James to save Bella. Bella leaves Forks to protect her father from the situation she’s in. The family splits up two protecting Bella and the other half trying to stir James on a wrong path. However this plan backfire and James makes a call to Bella threatening to kill her mother. So she agrees to come to James alone to save her. But later finds out it was a trap. James twists and bites her wrist.

The ending, Edward comes to Bella rescue and kills James. Then Edward sucks the venom out of her system. After a couple of days Bella goes to prom with Edward. The end shot is of Victoria watching them dancing of which they are unaware. Victoria plays a big part in the next movie ‘New Moon’ from the Twilight Saga.  
Overall I found the movie enjoyable and good to watch. You could watch the movie on YouTube (but they aren’t in HD) or you can buy the movie. I would say the protagonist in this movie would be Edward Cullen. In his past he admitted that he killed people however in this story we see him as the Hero.    

Principe 5; Digital Storytelling   

‘The Sarah-Jane Adventures’ is a TV series following the show of Doctor Who but its targeted for a younger audience. When going to their website I notice a variety of clips and episodes to engage and increase the audience. I’d seen beautiful illustrated comic strips, exclusive videos, games, character interviews and much more. The website layout is also straight forward. I was worried before because i wondered how they will put all this information in and still make it look clear and simple for kids to use.
The use of colour and pictures enhance the target audience to o to the website and even watch the episodes.
Here’s a link to their website,
What do you think of it?

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