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Monday, 15 November 2010

ITAP -Production and Outcomes

(Level 4) ITAP lecture 6

This week I had an integrating theory and practice (ITAP) lecture about production & outcome. The five key principles of this lecture are Interpretation, Delivery, Medium, Testing, and Methodology. And today I will discuss the principles of Testing your work and Delivery.

Testing your work
Illustrators can gain feedback and reaction of their work from the public through galleries, websites, blogs, social forums and many more. This information is then up to the artists to improve or adjust the work to suit the needs of their target audience.
For Instance when reading the recent issue of ‘Computer Arts’ magazine I came across ‘Yuta Onoda’ is a Japan illustrator and painter based in Toronto, Canada. After a year from graduating he has been very successful winning several awards and having commissions from magazines like Eye weekly, Ez Magazine, How Magazine, Beehive Design, Imagine Native, Ink Publishing and more. Onoda was published in Computer Arts magazine as a upcoming artist. Being featured in the magazine is promoting himself and his work is becoming known from a globally. The magazine spreads had images of his work and this would engage the audience. To read the full interview of Yuta Onoda then visit He has a blog that he can receive comments from the public.  

*Pictures courtesy from Yuta Onoda blog.

You can get feedback and reactions from the art professionals by entering art competitions for example the annual D&AD.

There has never been a better time for the potential applications for illustration. Creative outputs now include collectable designer toys, fashion clothes, plates, furniture, etc.

Many illustrators today will simply not wait for markets to emerge but instead find other ways to get there work across for example self-publishing fanzines and magazines; launching own-label products, flick books and stickers, badges, T shirts as well as promoting self initiated limited edition artworks through the use of online websites and more traditional gallery shows.

For instance ‘Diggy Smerdon’ is a contemporary artist & illustrator. Her expressive raw lines and distinct forms make her work unique and mysterious. Her talent also extent into further realms as she has unleashed her quirky and beautiful creations on to everything from album covers, to T- shirts and surfboards.

Below are pictures from one of my favourites and a link to a video clip showing Diggy creating custom art surfboard. This clip also shows her process from painting the artwork on to the blank step by step of glassing the board and finishing it off ready to wax up and to use. The board was commissioned by Panda Eye surf.

* (video clip at bottom of page) 

To conclude I believe that there are many ways artists and designers can present their art work do gain valuable feedback from the public. This enables the designers to improve and adapt their ideas to satisfy their chosen target audience. Also I feel that particularly Illustrators have a range of platforms to express their work on, a big improvement from past years experiences.

Written by Kawsar Ahmed


This video clip was sponsored by Avalaan.

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