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Monday, 28 March 2011

Data Visualization {design for digital}

Last week, I was given a task to do in my design for digital session. I was told to work in teams and come up with a idea that gathers information, it could be on any topic and design a creative and informative way to present it. 

Me and my partner Shuluva came up with the idea of asking 20 students weather they are going on holiday this year. Which had to be outside the UK. So when we came up with the idea, we then drawn a table to note down the vital information. The questionnaire are split into categories of Yes, No and Maybe. Below is a picture of the results. 

After collecting the data we then had to produce it, after designing different ways of laying out this information, we both decided unanimously on this final piece. Shuluva and I decided to pick this design because it relates to the target audience as well as it linking back to the theme of our topic: Holidays

Questionnaire table

What do you think, does this relates to students?

Designed by Shuluva El Mufti & Kawsar Ahmed

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