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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Rob Tovey: Technology and Typography talk

In the Latin alphabet overall the alphabet is good but I feel there is room for improvement for instance the letters that does not work well are Dd and Aa. However the letter I thing that works well are Mm and Kk.

Type through the Ages
Roman Type
Typewriter and Font



One thing that amazed me in this presentation was 'Scriptographer', it is so easy to do and use and it gives a nice effect to your work, even Creative Review magazine have used it in their front cover (Below). 
I would definitely like to use Scriptographer in future projects. 

So what exactly is Scriptographer you may ask?
Scriptographer is a plug in for Adobe Illustrator, it creates new, user designed tools within the interface. The tools take the form of scripts, bespoke nuggets of code that slot into the Scriptographer plug-in. these are either downloaded from the official website or written by the designer/programmer.

Written By Kawsar
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