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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Disruption is Key


Disruption in Advertising
The definition of disruption in the design world means to do something that stands out. This is often used in advertising. When disruption is used in adverts it makes the ad more memorable and could increase the sales of the product, depending on how successful the ad was. Nowadays disruption is much more amusing for example advertising agency 'HHCL' created this advert for fizzy drink company 'Tango' in 1991. Showing a man drinking a can of Tango and then a man painted in orange slapping him across the face. With the iconic catchphrase "You know when you've been Tango'd shown towards the end of the ad. The ad uses the familiar 'Ralph and Tony' rewind technique to explain the drink's refreshing qualities. This ad became very popular amongst the young audience to the fact that children would copy what they seen and slap others on their faces which leaded to the ad being banned from TV. 

However after the major success of the first advert the same agency came up with another commercial, but this time advertising Tango new blackcurrant flavored drink aired in 1996. the ad basically show the manager getting a letter of complaint about the flavour of blackcurrant Tango he has received from a French exchange student. He then marches out from the building and is joined by a flag waving crowd as he enters a boxing ring, its ends as the camera circles and the man shouting 'Come on France, Europe, the world. I'll take you all on! I'm Ray Gardner. I drink Blackcurrant Tango. Come and get me!' This ad won a lot of awards. what I like was how 'HHCL' had a eye for detail for instance when the clothing always linked to the colour purple to link back to fruit colour. These ads both have humor, it was so different from there competitors that even til today Tango ads are probably the most famous for its successful and innovative idea. 


There are many other examples of good commercials that are disruptive, here are few I liked.

Advertising companies                     Products
Mother                                            Pot Noodle
Fallon                                              Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate
Simons Palmer                                 Nike
Shulton                                            Old Spice                                             

Disruption in Art
Picasso, a famous artist known around the world is a good example of being disruptive in his work. Take is cubism paintings, at that time its was very common to paint flat. however what made him different and stand out from other artists was him painting in 3D. It was a new way of painting that looked into all sides and viewpoints. at that time people was not sure how to react to this technique. however through time eventually people grown to like this type of style to the fact that other artists tried to incorporate this style into their work. I like how Picasso taken a risk and done something innovative and abstract.  

A more contemporary version of disruption in  art is artist Damien Hirst. In 1991 he created this installation of a shark in a tank which was controversial as well as successful this made him a household name around the world. there are many views by people saying this isn't art or artists might be just jealous of not thinking of the idea sooner. But I would like to know your view on Damien Hirst work? 

Written by Kawsar Ahmed
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