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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Information OVERLOAD!

Image from Google

Nowadays information is everywhere you look, in schools, billboards, TV, hospitals, social network sites, newspapers just everywhere, it makes you think what will happen if there wasn't as much information given to you as now. Will I process the information more or would I understand it better?

I think its safe to say that everyone takes in information differently, weather its just by words, images or signs. For me, the way I take in information would be for someone to present it to me. This improves my  learning in processing information. (personally it took me years acknowledged this). Another way I process information is by making notes (i.e in lectures, workshops etc) as well as making lists. Lists are helpful to me because it keeps me on top of things when given assignments. 

In this week lecture, one thing i found interesting was that 'most people don't listen to understand, they listen to reply'. Which is true when thinking about it. Since I study Graphic communication, I am always told to considerate the target audience when produce work. This is why I am always in a hunt to find new creative ideas, some people I know have a technique of creating ideas or ideas have a place they go that inspires them. The two ways I create ideas are waiting for the ideas to come to me which sometimes flows through my brain or if I not inspired enough I get inspired from nature e.g; parks. In parks I get inspired by colours, organic forms like trees, shapes or texture and much more. Either way however you generate ideas every designer always consider their audience.

Here's an example of a good designer who combines the language of the eye (colour) to the language of the mind (data) into his work:

Designed by David Maccandless

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